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  • How do you plan on funding crime prevention and repairing the streets?
    What is your plan for the sewerage and water board?
    The biggest issue with bringing this city back is how to fund the projects.
    Thank you,
    Dorothy Crane
    606 N Murat ST
    NOLA 70119

  • Warren Hart says:

    2 ideas:
    Re preserving landmarks, the Friends of St. Alphonsus (FOSA) annual meeting is this Sunday, Aug.20, in St. Alphonsus church, starting about 11:30am (= after the 10:30am Mass at St. Mary’s across the street, so pastor can attend).
    Another idea that may fit somewhere; a great tragedy of Katrina: the Hispanic workers. Unskilled labor came in, took skilled labor wages, meanwhile our unskilled labor force was living on the government at hotels elsewhere. The historic chance for black men to have very good income from work and start a history of gainful employment. But evil leadership prefers that they be dependent; even pushes idea that we should be grateful that the poor Hispanics came in and made all this money.

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