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Let’s Make New Orleans Fun Again!

Meet Frank Scurlock

Frank Scurlock has a legacy of creating jobs and innovating new technology. His father, John Scurlock, a plastics specialist who worked for NASA and taught at Tulane University, invented the modern-day inflatable design and founded Space Walk Inc. in 1958. He later invented the Space Walk Safety Air Cushion which is used by Hollywood Stuntmen and fire brigades in the event of high-rise fires. Frank and his family have grown Space Walk Inc. into a multi-million dollar company that operates in 200 communities across the country with 35,000 rental contracts a year. Frank built Spacewalk into America’s leader in inflatable fun. Spacewalk is in its third generation of family leadership under Mials Scurlock.
In 1986 Frank opened the Fun Factory, which was the first indoor amusement park in the United States. Frank’s need to innovate and create continued as he developed the Aqua Tunnel, the first inflatable Water Slide and that ingenuity and creativity continues today. He is currently working to reopen the long ago closed Six Flags Jazz land and is currently building an inflatable manufacturing facility in New Orleans East, which will bring over 200 direct jobs to the area. He is also working on several other projects around the country.
Frank’s passion is New Orleans. He tirelessly works to attract new industry and talent to the city. As mayor, he will diligently work to put more police on the streets and introduce modern technology to the police force to cut down on response time in order to make our homes and neighborhoods safe for families. Being the only candidate in the race that has built and run a successful business, he will use those skills as an innovator and job creator to attract new industry and much-needed create jobs and economic opportunity for everyone here in New Orleans. One of Frank’s top priorities as mayor will be to fix our crumbling streets and repair our infrastructure. It’s time the potholes are filled, the streets repaired, and proper maintenance performed.
Frank believes that everyone should have the opportunity to succeed here in New Orleans and will diligently work to make sure we all have access to economic opportunities, a better quality of life, and recreation for our families without fear of the crime epidemic currently taking place in our city. Frank is the only choice to move New Orleans forward into the future.