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Let’s Make New Orleans Fun Again!


New Orleans is known throughout the world as a city that embraces fun and enjoyment. Sadly that “joie de vivre” isn’t shared by the majority of families that live and work here. It’s hard to embrace the “fun” associates with our city when you struggle to find a place to live, struggle to find a safe place for your family, struggle to find a job that pays you a liveable wage or struggle to get to work on our broken infrastructure.
To make New Orleans the city that it ought to be — after all we have all the things cities need to be great (sunny weather, a great location, abundant natural resources, an active port and airport and a progressive population that exceeds 384,000 — we must get to the root of the many challenges holding our city and its citizens back: poverty and a history of focusing on consolidated political power instead of making things happen for the folks that need it.
Our platform focuses on four primary goals:
Affordable Housing that is for our residents;
Crime Prevention for our families, neighborhoods and visitors;
Employment for our residents that allows them to earn a liveable wage in a sustainable job that expands our workforce and diversifies our economy;
Streets and infrastructure that aren’t an embarrassment and that are fixed for the future instead of patched for the short term;
We’ve simplified that to ‘A.C.E.’S.’ which represents the real kitchen table issues that our families face on a daily basis and keeps both our families and out city from achieving success.
Our city’s overall poverty and lack of jobs is a large part of our inability to move forward. There are many interconnected causes of poverty and challenges to fully lifting all of our friends and neighbors out of the perpetual cycle of poverty that has for too long defined the character of our city and the nature of our citizens’ lives. Our campaign believes we must come together to develop, pursue, and implement effective programs and policies toward these ends including:

— Neighborhood-driven zoning and land-use regulations
— Affordable housing incentives
— Neighborhood Revitalization
— Controls on unchecked gentrification
— Mortgage Assistance Programs
— Expanded Banking Access
— thorough review of all impact fees and external governmental costs to housing
— inclusive zoning
–density bonuses for affordable units
— working w state and federal agencies to maximize the efficiency of dollars that Clem to us.
— ensuring that seniors can afford to stay in their homes

— Aggressive Recruitment of new NOPD officers to reach full employment at NOPD
— Responsible Police Education and Training Programs
— utilizing technology to make the NOPD customer friendly, accessible and more efficient
— Neighbourhood Policing
— Bringing back bicycle & foot patrols to our neighborhoods
— Encouraging our residents to become police through local recruiting
— encouraging our police to become our neighbours through housing incentives
— keeping crime out of our neighborhoods with increased patrols and more special units
— working to ensure punishments match the crimes and keeping folks out of jail/prison for minor non-violent offenses
— after school programs for youths in at risk neighborhoods

— A REAL Living Wage
— recruitment of real jobs and the creation of new industries outside of tourism
— Ensuring education is continual throughout life
— Investing in Early Childhood Education Programmes
— Providing quality daycare for working parents
— a sicktime leave for employees ordinance
— Extending educational opportunities for older youth from within the classroom outward to within the neighbourhood.
— Fully funding and expanding Adult Education, ESL, literacy, and jobs skills training programs.
— Providing free access to city-wide WIFI network ensuring children can benefit from all the internet offers regardless of household income.

— a renewed city effort to replace streets and ensure that companies working for the city are giving us the best price and best results
— a total study of all the cities streets and infrastructure that prioritized streets based on biggest need
— re-prioritization of the city’s budget to work on these infrastructure deficits
— Flat-Streets initiative to resurface streets and make them drivable
— overall effort to work on bringing down car insurance rates in the city so driving isn’t cost prohibitive

These are the core goals of our campaign and details behind our A.C.E.S. platform. Certainly, there is much more to work toward and many additional means of pursuing our goal of a happy healthy New Orleans filled with happy healthy and successful New Orleanians but this is a start and most importantly these are achievable, attainable, and immediately possible areas from which to start us all down this journey together.